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Crisp, Clean, and oh so Pink March 1, 2007

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Do you need some help finding stationary? Perhaps an idea for a teacher’s gift or a five year olds birthday party?

Wine cork corkboards, home office organizing, online preppy shopping, crafts of which you’ve never dreamed?

Then you, my friend, need to head over to Monogram Momma.
MM, as she is fondly known to us fellow bloggers, has the most southern preppy (and there is a distinct difference between north and south) blog that I believe is in existence. It’s as if Southern Living; Better Homes and Gardens; and Women’s Circle were cut up, put into a blender, poured into a properly greased Pyrex and 45 minutes later (10 minutes to cool) out popped this wonderful little blog. Seriously, if you need any help with anything pertaining to the simple courtesies of life, look no further

4 Parts to Writing the Proper Thank-you Note
(as shown in an example note to my nephew)

1) The greeting
Dear Andrew,

2) Appreciation of item or favor
Thank you so much for the frog you left in my shoe yesterday. What a thoughtful gesture!

3) Mention how useful it will be
I am so looking forward to putting him back in the yard to enjoy his company as I pull the summer weeds.

4) Sign off with a suggestion of future meeting (or rememberence from the past)
Uncle Monogram and I are very much looking forward to your next visit with us, and can’t wait to share even more adventures with you.
Love, Aunt Monogram

So if you’re wanting to read something pink peppy and preppy

Head over to MMs!



1. Lea - March 6, 2007

That reminds me of how my mother taught us to write thank you notes. She sat me down at the kitchen table and told me how to compose a note and exactly where to write the date.

2. Monogram Momma - March 29, 2007

Well aren’t you just the nicest thing ever?! Thank you, Amber Lee!

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