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Friends are God’s apology for family February 25, 2007

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There is something to be said about belonging to a close-knit group. Few things beat being on a team like this one. As each race happens, those who are not racing are screaming and cheering on their teammates. We are together at 6:30am three times a week. Our Saturday mornings are shot, but at least we can be bent in half beside each other congratulating on how well the other did on their time trial.

You’re a runner if
…your toenails are black….your shoes have more miles on them than your car does…..you have chafing in strange places….all your socks are either stained or torn….your underwear covers more than your uniform shorts….the most enjoyable time you’ve had all month is a day off from practice….your coach won’t give you a ride home….the first day of practice you run 5 miles but your coach says you only ran 2….you can spit while running…..you finish the race looking like you wrestled a bear and you don’t care….your temper is shorter that the distance that you ran….you combine phrases like “10 mile run” and “Easy Run” in the same breath….you can eat your weight in spaghetti….a meal involves more than 3 servings!…if you schedule dates around meets….you spend more on training clothes than school clothes….you wear those same training clothes to school regularly….your christmas list includes more than one pair of running shoes….your chest is as flat as your back….you feel lost without your water-bottle….you have running withdrawl if you don’t run everyday….you wake up every morning in pain….gatorade is your drug of choice….ibprophan is your other drug of choice…your Saturdays for the next 4 years are ruined….you can see your ribs thru your shirt…..you enjoy running hills….you start to crave Power Bars….your favorite food group is carbohydrates….your women’s team has leg hair longer than the grass they ran on….you have trouble benching the bar….you foam at the mouth….you are always hungry….your running in your dreams….your weekends are shot….you wake up with cotton mouth….you can sharpen an axe blade on your calves…..you consider school as just a break between runs….you always stretch while waiting in the lunch line….your room smells like Icy-Hot and New-Skin….you own spandex in more than 1 color….track is the other “sport”….pizza, pasta, pizza, & pasta are your four food groups….even your dress shoes have spikes….you aspire to pain….you know as many kinds of pain as eskimos have words for snow….you think spandex is a winter’s passion statement….you don’t know what an “off-season” means….you have stress fractures….you find yourself saying, “it’s not really a hill…”…your feet are comparable to rawhide….you’re running and you don’t know why….dogs follow you everywhere you go…theres nothing like intervals to start the week off fresh!!…you talk to your coaches more than your parents…you’d rather run than watch T.V….watching the New York Marathon on T.V. made you get up and go for a run…more than half the people you know don’t know what X-C is…you run the day after Regionals…off-season training starts a week after Nationals…you haven’t had a pop in 6 months…your calves are bigger than your biceps…you can pronounce those funny Kenyan names…you wear skimpier clothes than Madonna…you refer to puke as a normal bodily function…you can hallucinate and get high at the same time without taking anything…you wake up in the morning and find that you’re already running.

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1. Anonymous - February 25, 2007

thats the best one i’ve ever read. being an army ranger I understand ever word of what you said.

love you

2. Lea - February 26, 2007

That is a great post! I felt the same when I trained for my first and only marathon. Since then, I’m just a fair weather runner, but I feel the urge to run more now.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

3. spymum - February 26, 2007

Wow Amber; that was amazing! but I am worried about those toenails – I shall send you a packet of those special padded running socks!

Now that I’m older I can still run, but then I’m wiped out for the rest of the day, which is not good with two boys to look after!

Keep it up!

4. Amber Lee - February 26, 2007

Honestly, I have good insoles and well fitting shoes. It’s some mysterious affliction of full time runners. Our toenails just seem to fall off.

5. dulwichmum - February 28, 2007

That was wonderful Amber Lee, great post.

6. dulwichmum - February 28, 2007

That was an amazing post Amber Lee, I ‘got’ every word.

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