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I’m sorry, we don’t associate with that postcode February 10, 2007

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Catty conversations and fickle friendships, oh the careful balance of being a woman. It’s hard enough rising about the drama and scandelicious happenings in the average woman’s circle of friends, but imagine all that plus money and plenty of time on your hands. That, my friend, is the life of Poshmum. Of course, Poshmum would tell you that simply not true. She has no time; there are children’s’ parties to throw and exam results to loose sleep over. Life, sweetie, is moving quickly and it is only the top alpha mum who will keep her precarious position in the schoolyard.

So is the character Poshmum, who is cleverly created by Spymum. You must keep this straight, Spymum is not Poshmum. Poshmum is, according to Spymum, a conglomeration of the mums at the school gate. She just changes the names to keep from being beat up! The character is smooth, clever, and ambitious to a fault.

Dolores limped to a nearby bench and took off her shoes, revealing a mass of red and angry blisters on heel and toes.

PoshMum stood with her hands on her hips and looked with impatience at the sorry sight.

“You didn’t have them fitted, did you?” she said, “I’m sorry girls, I must keep going – I’ve got a Guinot Hydradermie booked for 11.30, then the curtain man is coming and then it’s Waitrose.”

She leaned down towards Dolores and hissed in her ear

“Sorry I can’t stay to help sweetie; never mind, you’ll soon be wearing a pair of Chung Shi’s instead. I bought myself a pair last week!”

Besides the clawing behaviour of all those blonde-highlighted mummies, Spymum adds in links to give you a better idea of just where these women are shopping, eating, and buying their workout shoes. Poshmum is an excellent read for those of us who enjoy breaking down just what makes people tick. Spymum, writes about twice a week, and I am always looking forward to the next installment.



1. Mel - February 11, 2007

Hey birthday girl! Have a great day — Monty and I send you very happy birthday wishes from the big apple.
(I couldn’t seem to post on your facebook wall, so am hoping this gets to you today.)

2. Anonymous - February 11, 2007


Love Papaw

3. spymum - February 11, 2007

Amber, you are a sweetheart! Thank you.

And is it your birthday?! (Thanks for the heads up Mel!)

Happy Birthday and many happy returns from spymum!

4. spymum - February 13, 2007

Thanks ALP!

And belated birthday greetings:-)

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