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Social Networking Extravaganza February 2, 2007

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My name is Amber Lee, and I have a social networking problem.
I have more social network programs than is probably healthy, and I could defend to the death why I have so many. Besides my fascination with human interaction, I like to keep certain groups away from certain groups (don’t we all?).
So Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a blog, Mashable, which is all about social networking. They focus mostly on certain social networking programs, but they also report on the odd event as well. They recently posted on The Internet Address Book, which is something I’ll find very useful. If you’re like me, I suggest signing up. It puts all your social network info in one place so you can easily give it to people. Now, I don’t have all my social network on my profile there (I can’t let you see my other, university blog, now can I????) but I have a lot. So sign up, contact me, and contact your friends.

Some people are very concerned about all this info being out in cyberspace. I usually assume these people are over the age of 30. While you can’t be stupid, the internet, and specifically social network sites, are how my generation finds their jobs. LinkedIn is an excellent example of how social networking is helping the business world. So while I suggest restricted social access for kids (Xanga and Facebook are two the of the best security featured sites because of the fact that kids use them) if you are 18 and up, you need social networking, especially if your a university student or young professional.



1. Mom - February 5, 2007

Just remember Facebook is now being monitored by pedophiles…(not in my mind Amber I actually saw this on a news show). Xanga has not had any bad publicity but people are out there that don’t do this for the social hour or work. Blogs are wonderful. I found that out while you were so far away. But it is best if parents remember to monitor what your children/teenagers are doing. Some of us don’t do it because we don’t trust our children it is because we don’t trust others.

2. Amber Lee - February 5, 2007

Yeah I know. The great thing about Facebook though is the privacy page. I don’t think the CIA could come up with a better privacy page. Mine is practically on lock down. I’ll probably do a post on Facebook now, actually

3. Amber Lee - February 5, 2007

PS, you do know that Mary has a Xanga, right?

Sorry Mary, I might be 21.99, but I am not above tattling on you.

4. matt.galligan - February 6, 2007

Ok good job, now you’ve got me on this…

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