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It’s official, I’m inbred February 2, 2007

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Dear Ancestors,
I understand that you lived in a part of Kentucky that’s hard to travel. I understand that you didn’t live around many people. But seriously, I promise you there had to be more families than Lees, Peaces and Kellems. You could have branched out. Some of you did, but not most. When I’m having to read that you’re marrying your first cousins, seriously.
Also, I know that naming your children after family members is nice, but I know you could have stepped outside of John Joseph, and James. It doesn’t help either that the Lees you married were also Johns, Josephs, and James es.
Anyways, I appreciate how hard you’re making my family mapping, no really.

Why couldn’t you start a college like my great-great-great-great-great uncle, William Peace?

Amber Lee Peace

P.S. None of my children are going to be named James, John, or Joseph. Or Sarah.



1. spymum - February 4, 2007

Amber that is so impressive – your family must be proud!

2. Amber Lee - February 4, 2007

Lol, just don’t tell your Dulwich friends, I might never be allowed to step into a shop or salon!

3. Lauren - February 5, 2007

that was so funny!

4. Anonymous - February 6, 2007

It started with adam and eve.

love you

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