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January 29, 2007

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She stepped up, one shoe just in front of the other.


Her arm tensed and her body was poised


The first 400m were agonizingly slow for a seeded race; it took 80 long seconds to get the first fourth done. On an indoor track, the track is smaller. This particular track was exactly 280 meters making the race a very awkward 5.35 laps.
Regardless of the fact that just two hours earlier she had gutted out the 1200m leg of the Distance Medely Relay, the woman had a mission to accomplish in the mile. See, she was in her fourth year of collegiate running, but she was new to her school. Last year she decided that her school wasn’t working out for her. Her decision was made easier by a coach that was completely unsupportive. So this woman transfered to a school where she knew the coach and his wife.The former school coach was unpleased to say the least. The former coach did what she could to keep the woman from running at the new school. And now, at this meet hosted by the former school, they had greatly insulted the woman and her new team. In the program, every school was listed, with their roster, except for hers. It took little brains to understand what was happening.
So, our young lady had a score to settle and a new team who she didn’t want to let down. Every time she rounded the eastern corner, her teammates yelled and screamed at her, encouraging her on as she pushed herself to hold her place. As she came around the corner for the last time, her teammates reconized the look on her face. They had all had it at least once, when you knew you had no options except success or complete failure. In that very last turn, the woman took those extra strides and that faster pace to push by the girl in first.

And when she came in first, with a personal best of 5:11, everyone knew it wasn’t just another win.

Congrats to Mack!


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