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The soul, coffee, and monks January 25, 2007

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Wake up, dress warm, tie your shoes. Demand that your body obeys you. Strip down, wash off, prepare to face the day.
My mind and my body are alert, but the soul can’t be neglected. Practice interferes with morning Eucharist, but I can still participate in fellowship. I walk down to the the church and enter the basement. Today is a large day; everyone stands around drinking pre-breakfast coffee. With this group we have pre, during, and post breakfast coffee. Caffeine is second to the blood of Christ, yes it is.
This particular morning, the table is full and set for eggs and hashbrowns. An extra treat is that besides the regular crowd, Amanda and Emily have joined us. There is also a man named Craig. He is Orthodox and has a brother who is a monk. He tells the story of a friend who went to visit his brother. The friend commented that she had always thought Craig’s brother had so much going for him, but now he is just a monk. David, Emily, Amanda, and I lamented the woman’s poor view of monasticism.
Looking down the table, I take in the laughter and conversations. My soul, which seemed as frozen as my body this morning, is beginning to defrost – to wake up. Sometimes, hot showers feel wonderful and ease my body after rigorous training. Sometimes my body aches with more acuteness because of the nerves coming back to life. The reanimation of my soul today isn’t pleasant. Today questions are filling my mind; questions about my future and my alignment with God. Today, I want to stand up and announce that I am leaving Milligan and that I am entering a convent.
But that is ridiculous. I am not going to leave Milligan; Instead, I’ll continue to sit and feel my soul do its final stretches and yawns of the morning.



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