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I’ve made it to week 2! January 22, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I’m getting into the groove of my classes and I think we’re going to be okay. Well, except for math. I had to call my sister Mary tonight to get some tutoring.
Don’t forget, Mary is 14.
Nothing says ego-buster more than realizing that your math skills are below that of your freshman year sibling. Honestly, when I evaluate where I am, I think I could be put on a 7th grade math level. However, my vocabulary is superior, thanks to all that GRE list memorization in junior English. On topic of the GRE, I realized sometime last semester, perhaps November, that I needed to take the GRE to get into a masters program and that I had nothing to start the process of going to graduate school. This sort of procrastination is not new to my life. I’ve procrastinated some serious things, such as the fact that I’ve been without a social security card since 2004.

And as a newscast to all, and mostly MM,


an online, free karaoke site. You can sing along, record yourself, and then hear yourself. Nice

go, be free



1. spymum - January 29, 2007

I am giggling that Mary is fourteen! LoL! 😉

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