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A week’s worth January 14, 2007

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

It hasn’t actually been a week, but I’ve gotten plenty done. The reason I didn’t write the next day about my first day back at track practice is that I was in too much pain to write about it. My body is hating me with unmitigated loathing for what I am putting it through. So far the week has been
Tuesday: 30 x 200 metres
Wed: 35 minute run
Thur: 30 Minute
Friday: 35 Minute
Saturday: 44 minute and strides
Sunday: 72 minutes.

This is actually a pretty easy week, sans the 30 x 200. Cause that just equals death. Regardless of how easy my mind thinks the work outs are, my body completely disagrees. Yesterday, I was not a pretty sight after my 44 minute and strides. My ab muscles have disappeared and, well, ashley had to pull over to the side of the road for me on the way home from the track. Today I did better. I thought I was going to be sick, but I was able to keep it down.

My camera is currently charging, and soon the world be able to see Milligan College and Friends.

By soon, I mean in the next few days.



1. Mel - January 16, 2007

Keep at it, it’ll only get easier from here on!

2. Mom - January 17, 2007

5 more months and then it will be running to stay and shape and not to score points. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday and spend some time together. I have to let you know that Little Joe is not real happy about the TV situation but I got him some movies for the Gameboy and that will work for now. Love you bunches

3. spymum - January 21, 2007

Ouch! I feel your pain! Keep up the good work!

4. Monogram Momma - January 21, 2007

Keep it up Amber Lee! Although I do not envy your pain!

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