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A Church, A Room, Some Classes, and lots o’ Salad January 8, 2007

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My holiday is over. Saturday evening, I returned to Johnson City and kicked off my return with an Epiphany party. For those that don’t know what an Epiphany part is, it’s a get together that celebrates the Epiphany. For those of you that don’t know what the Epiphany is, it is the 12th night of Christmas and is the traditional night to celebrate when the three Kings came to worship the baby/toddler Jesus. Sunday morning was my first time back at Grandview since the beginning of May
I knew that I missed Grandview. I didn’t realize how much until I stepped into the building. It was as if I suddenly woke up and realized “Oh, this is where my soul has been!” I enjoyed my internship at Wainui Baptist and I came to love my friends at St Michael’s, but there just doesn’t seem to be any other place in the world that comes close to being so dear to me as Grandview. Sunday morning was hugs around to friends, to profs, and to a bazillion little kids. There are new babies at Grandview, but it was all so familiar. I mean, seriously, we sang Shine Jesus Shine as our benediction (hey Aaron, how often do you get to hear that up in KY?).
My love for Grandview isn’t because it’s some perfect worship style (I do like me some guitar, but I also like me some Anglican hymns).
My love for Grandview isn’t because it has some perfect theology. It’s not even the weekly communion that I hold so dear (there isn’t enough space or coherency in my brain to explain how I’m a consubstantiation girl, so therefor what I have on Sunday isn’t Eucharist to me, just a communion…)
My love for Grandview is the Jesus that I see walking the halls, preaching in the pulpit, sitting in Children’s worship, and rocking the babies. Grandview has been the place that has foster my growth in Christ beyond what I ever thought was comfortable.
Go Grandview Go!

Okay, so off of Grandview for a bit and now for Milligan. Yesterday afternoon, I moved into my room, which is my old room AND I am by myself. Hurrah! I make such a bad roommate. I don’t like to talk when I am in my room. I like to unwind. So every roommate I’ve had has dealt with the fact that I’m just not sociable with them. The only person I’ve ever been a good roommate with is my sister Katie. Except she might not agree since I would wake her up randomly by hitting her with a pillow if I couldn’t sleep. I digress. My room is probably the coldest room in my dormitory. It gets the least amount of sun and the most amount of wind. This is okay at the moment, because of the bizarre weather we are having here on the east coast. It will get colder though, so I need to put some fleece blankets under my duvet. This morning I went and got all my classes put in order. I’m rather excited because I’m not taking too many classes, as I thought I would have to do. The schedule for the semester is:

Earth and Space Science. I wanted The Way Things Work. It is what we call
“Physics for Ministry Majors.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule.
Principles for Mathematics. Basically, this is the lowest level Math I can take, and still get a college credit. I don’t do numbers. Ever.
Intro to Education. No this is not a freshman orientation class. It is the first class Education Majors take. I am taking it since I’m going to be getting a Masters in Ed.
Late Roman and Byzantine Empires. This is just a history class I want to take. It’s Mr Helsabeck’s last semester before he retires..ish. Milligan profs don’t retire, the just stop teaching Humanities.
Christ and Culture. C&C is a class all Milligan students must take to graduate. Basically, we discuss and seminar how our Christian beliefs affect our daily choices.

A ministry class to finish and Chapel.

At the end of the day, I am taking 15.5 hours of class. I have an 8am class, which no senior wants, but I want to graduate more.
This post being finished, I get to go eat my first meal on a meal plan. Actually, I’m not on the meal plan yet, so I’m stealing food I think. Anyways, I’m going to a caf filled with starches and lipids (I’ve never heard a Milligan student say “This is yummy!”) so it’s to the salad bar and peanut butter for me!

Tomorrow: My first practice back.



1. Anonymous - January 8, 2007

sounds like you got kick off to a good (want to go trout fishing soon)

Love you

2. Aaron - January 9, 2007

Welcome home, Amber. I look forward to joining you.

3. spymum - January 10, 2007

Happy New Year Amber, and glad to hear you got a room to yourself. Sharing rooms at uni is horrid! No privacy, no personal space. Blech.

4. Anonymous - January 10, 2007

Hey there babe! Its Lauren and I wanted to check and see how everything is going back at school. I hope I see you soon because I miss you tons. Good luck with practice and all of that Milligan food and the junk that goes on. Celebrate that you are 3 hours from me instead of like 400000!

5. Monogram Momma - January 12, 2007

I second Spymum.. sharing a dorm room stinks! Good luck on your new studies, Amber Lee!

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