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QotW: What is your worst travel memory? December 20, 2006

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Monday 2pm: Leave for Wellington Airport, start bawling
3:30pm: Board plane, still bawling
5pm: Arrive in Auckland, still bawling
7pm: Board plane. Yup still crying. My wine is taken from me.
7-9:30pm: Sit on plane wondering what’s going on until we are told over the PA that the “object has been located, isolated, and removed.” Well that’s comforting.
9:45pm: Take off and travel back in time, as I am going over the date line. Still crying.

Monday 12:30pm, LAX: Arrive two hours late, miss plane to Dallas. I am rebooked for a 10am flight. Floor personell of LAX miss direct me and are in general completely useless
2:10pm: Miss second flight. Rebooked, but can’t fly until Tuesday. Compted for the Sheriton. Crying through all of this.
Tuesday 6:30am: Take shuttle to LAX, as I don’t want to miss my flight. Go through security and my mostiurizer, evian spray, deodorent, and toothpast is all taken.
9:10am: Board plane and take off
Arrive in Dallas. I forget what time. Wait for 2:10 flight.
2:10pm: Waiting for late plane
2:30pm: Waiting to board plane
4pm: Informed that the plane has a mechanical problem and we will not be able to board. Rebooked for Wednesday. Compted at the Wingate.

Wednesday 9:20am: Leave for Dallas airport to catch 12:15 flight
10am: Chill out in airport. Notice that many people are being redirected. Not a good sign
12:30pm: I have been moved to 5 different gates at this point. Plane time has changed multiple other times
2pm: Finally informed that plane will come at 2:20pm
3pm: Board plane
5:30pm: Arrive in Knoxville
6:15pm: Find all my luggage which is seperated for some reason.

Finally at my parents house.

Oh, I can’t wait to write American Airlines for my situation in Dallas.

I completely hate TSA, traveling Domestic, and I want to go back to NZ!!!!!!



1. Aaron - December 21, 2006

Welcome home. Sorry that neither the trip nor the destination was to your liking!

2. Melissa - December 23, 2006

Nightmare. Wow. I hoped you’ve stopped crying and started smiling since then. 🙂

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