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A post written by Lauren Adams December 12, 2006

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My friend Lauren Adams wrote this today. She is an Atheist, devoutly so. She wrote the following article and it is an example of what pushed her away from the Church. I would run far away from an organization that promotes the following as well.

Bible Beaters around the nation will be pleased to know that they won’t have to worry about little Malachi Isaiah or Mary Elizabeth engaging in morally questionable activities like dealing drugs or hiring prostitutes while they’re shooting up major cities anymore. Instead, they can gun down unbelievers in the name of god in freshly-released Left Behind: Eternal Forces, which takes place in post-Rapture New York City. Based on the infamously poorly-written yet unbelievably profitable drivel spewed by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for twelve painful installments, Left Behind: Eternal Forces is a first-person shooter in which the player may either join forces with the Anti-Christ (although they can never win on that side, of course) or start a band of “Freedom Fighters” that runs around ordering people to convert at gunpoint and killing them when they refuse. And here I was thinking the Crusades ended several centuries ago. And what’s that I heard about Muslims being an evil religion for “Converting people by the sword”?

“It’s an incredibly violent video game,” said Stevens. “Sure, there is no blood. (The dead just fade off the screen.) But you are mowing down your enemy with a gun. It pushes a message of religious intolerance.”

Right, then. Bring on the hypocritical hand-wringing:

Left Behind Games’ president, Jeffrey Frichner, says the game actually is pacifist because players lose “spirit points” every time they gun down nonbelievers rather than convert them. They can earn spirit points again by having their character pray.

As my mother would say, “How conveeeeeeeeenient.”

As I would say, “What utter bull.” Although it is pretty hilarious that praying after you kill an unbeliever ups your spirit points in the eyes of god.

It gets better. Behold the xenophobia writ large:

The enemy team includes fictional rock stars and folks with Muslim-sounding names, while the righteous include gospel singers, missionaries, healers and medics.

When asked about the Arab and Muslim-sounding names, Frichner said the game does not endorse prejudice. But “Muslims are not believers in Jesus Christ” — and thus can’t be on Christ’s side in the game.

Because all Arabs are Jesus-hating Muslims. Although I suppose it is good to see my father vindicated (he once told me that I was morally obligated to have children because otherwise the Muslims will outbreed us all).

If you’re interested in sending outraged letters of protest, the game is being carried by Wal-Mart [big surprise there], Sam’s Club, Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, GameStop, EB Games and various Christian stores.

But this isn’t what the message of Jesus Christ is…



1. Mom - December 13, 2006

SO you know I am going out and buy this game right? I just sounds like too much fun (LOL)

2. Ryan - December 13, 2006

bI just don’t understand. I do not understand why people use examples like this as the image of what Christianity is. Now, I’m not saying that Lauren is using this example as the main reason she isn’t Christian, but why do people judge a whole religion based on some fanatics?

A friend once described this scenario: “It’s the same as taking a bite from a bad apple and saying, ‘wow, this apple tastes horrible. I’m never eating an apple again.’ Thus, you move on to organges. Not all apples are bad, and deciding that you want to stop eating them based on one is a somewhat misguided decision.”

Personally, I don’t agree with anything this game promotes. But that doesn’t make me want to give up Christianity.

This isn’t quite on topic here, but I just wanted to say this.

3. Amber Lee - December 14, 2006

Ryan, we both know Lauren, and so we both know this isn’t what pushed her away (goodness, that was years ago when that happened) but it’s always those fanatical voices that seem to be the loudest. Unfortunately.

4. Karen - December 15, 2006

Totally unrelated to your post – but I’m glad I have a new friend on blogger. Hooray! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll check in here, too.

5. spymum - December 21, 2006

Tht ‘Left Behind’ game has recently got quite a lot of press here in England – I find the idea of this game almost unbelievable! Wht sort of people would make such a thing?

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