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I’m back. Holiday Recap December 10, 2006

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After Duniden, Peter and I drove around some lakes. He quite liked them. I don’t remember enough about them to write anything. I got to practice my manual driving some more. I’m getting quite good at driving one. Except when it comes to stopping. Anyways, we drove back to Christchurch and crashed at the Lynch brothers. We didn’t do too much that night. Friday, we wandered around Christchurch and I got some excellent photos if the Cathedral. That evening we spent with Peter’s old flatmates, a bunch of girls. We went out to some of the pubs for the night, but Christchurch night life wasn’t my thing, at least the pubs we went to. At one, they wouldn’t let Peter in. He was quite worn out, but he looked like he might have had too much to drink. Oh well. We got in the back 😉 Saturday we drove for about five hours up to Picton. Peter had booked a stay at a B&B, but he had got the dates wrong. He wanted it for Saturday night, but had accidently booked it for Sunday. No matter, the couple that owned it gave us a better suite that was empty for our original price. How cool is that? Sunday was us going to a cherry orchard, a winery, and a chocolate factory. Here is some advice: if you have a three hour ferry ride, do not eat a pound of cherries, chocolate covered caramels, and drink a reisling before you go on the ferry.
Now I am home, with a week to go before I head back to the states. I’m glad I get to see my family, but honestly, I wish I wasn’t leaving.

Now I’m going to go take care of all the emails, voicemails, blogs (oh my goodness, two weeks worth, MM, how long will it take me to read just yours???), and household organization that needs to be done.




1. spymum - December 11, 2006

Sounds like fun – and good advice about the chocolate and the ferry!

2. Bossy Bar-Wife - December 11, 2006

Welcome Back! It sounds like you had a great holiday!

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