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I’m on Holiday! December 6, 2006

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I have been on vacation since last monday, and it’s been fairly wonderful with some not so exciting moments. Monday, Peter and I took the ferry across the Cook to Nelson. This is my first visit down to the South Island. We stayed with Allie, one of Peter’s friends from Uni. We stayed there two nights, and on Wednesday we drove to Able Tasman National Park. It’s locacted on the west coast of the South Island. A boat dropped us off farther south into the bush, and we hiked out for three days. On the first night, a huge storm came through and really tested the tent. I’m shocked that it stayed up. The other two days were fantasic, even if I did end up with a huge, swollen ankle and a root through the bottom of my foot. Friday, after we burst from the bush, we drove across the island to Christchurch, with a stop at a thermal spring spa. I hate smelling like sulfer, but our body needed it!
Peter and I stayed in Christchurch Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and left Monday morning. Friday was the Lynch boys’ birthday (Dan and Jamie are twins) and Saturday and Sunday was a lot of looking around the beautiful city. I wanted to attend service Sunday morning, but missed. So I convinced Peter to go with me to the Nine Lessons and Carol service (Yay Advent Season!) I ended up getting to have a short conversation with the Bishop of Canterbury (NZ, not England!), he’s a lovely man. I gave Peter a bit of a teasing, asking if he’s ready for me to be wearing my gold and purple yet 🙂
Monday, we drove to Franz Josef and stayed there for the night. Franz Josef is a glacier and we went Tuesday to see it and Fox Glacier. I have plenty of pictures, including one of me sucking on a piece of ice. People were looking at me funny. Tuesday night, we spent the night at Jeff Bryant’s home. He is the father of Edwyn, one of my flatmates. His wife, Kornai cooked a mean feed, and she is such a character. Today, we have traveled down to Dunidun, after a 1 1/2 driving mistake. So.Many.Sheep. I did get to visit Gore, which is Brown Trout Capital of New Zealand.
Finally, we are in Dunidin. I’m in a slightly grumpy mood. See, Ryan, one of my other flatmates, has a brother named Karl who lives here. Karl is an unusually good tomato grower. We had to pick up some tomatos for ryan, plus two other friends of Pete’s wanted $50 worth each of the tomatos. I think Ryan’s might be about 200 worth. So we have about $300 worth of produce in our car, and we aren’t going to be back at the flat until Sunday evening.
I am off to see Borat (so excited). I am going to have to catch up on two weeks worth of reading when I get back Monday. I’m not even going to try right now.

Also, the Fijian coup, are you guys keeping up with this? It’s hysterical. Only this part of the world would put off a military coup because of a Rugby game. Most people are very supportive of the military here. The leader is actually a very progressive leader who loves democracy and demands the best for his people. That’s why he’s cleaning out the crude. Too bad a lot of other places think he wants to be a military dicatator!

I’ll be back monday!!!



1. Anonymous - December 7, 2006

O please tell me you went trout fishing.

Ilove you

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