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QotW: What is your favorite thanksgiving dish? November 20, 2006

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I love, I LOVE stuffing. Or dressing. Whatever you would like to call it. According to wikipedia:

Stuffing may well be one of the oldest cooking techniques. The Roman cookbook De re coquinaria by Apicius contains recipes for stuffed chicken, hare, pig, and dormouse. Most of the stuffings described consist of vegetables, herbs and spice, nuts, spelt (an old cereal), and frequently contain chopped liver, brains, and other organ meat.
In the Middle Ages, stuffing was known as farce, from the Latin farcire (via the French farcir), which means to stuff. The term stuffing first appears in English print in 1538. After about 1880, the term stuffing was replaced by dressing in Victorian English. Today, both terms are used. In Southern US cuisine, the term dressing is typically used, and it is generally served only as a side dish and not stuffed inside the body of the animals. Placing the stuffing underneath the skin of the breast will help ensure moistness of the breast meat in poultry.



1. Mom - November 21, 2006

Chicken and dumplings!!! YOur Mamaw Peace would make a huge pot every Thanksgiving and I would put that on my plate first then get everything else. I still can’t make a good dish of chicken and dumplings like she could but it was the best dish on the table…oh and shuck beans but that is another story.
Love you!

2. Anonymous - November 21, 2006

yssuvmoldest reciept kill it throw it in the fire.

I love you

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