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Honestly, it’s just a little boring November 19, 2006

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My past week was lots of business. I’ve been dealing with student loan services, waiting for my grades to arrive (one B so far) and applying for jobs. So far I have a few leads, and I hope to take care of a job quickly so that I have everything set up for when I graduate. I’ve been reading the blogs, and I am caught up, I’m just not getting to post comments really.
I hope the moving is going well Mel 🙂
Friday life started to slow down (as it should on the weekends). Saturday Peter and I spent the day up at his parents house. They have just moved so Peter’s nephew, Kalani, is zoned to go to the school they want him to attend next year. It also helped that Alton (Peter’s brother) knows the headmaster. All that moving tired out Peter’s mum, so we offered to take care of Kalani for the day. Afterwards, Peter took me to the Victoria Esplanade to see some birds and the rose garden. Sunday I attended the church that I interned at over the summer, and then Sunday after noon was spent watching the All Blacks defeat France and see the spring Christmas Parade. By the way, it’s weird to watch a Christmas parade in shorts and sandals.

Here are some pictures of the roses at at the garden, and of Kalani (and a random chocolate dessert and Kalani’s father, Alton)

And here is the NZ anthem being sung (and the Haka again, lol)
Yes, I can sing the anthem in both languages



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