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I really don’t like you, USCIS. November 11, 2006

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Today, Peter and I found out that as of January 18th, 2006 all H-1B visas (the visa he needs) were completely capped out for the 2007 year. We were completely shocked. I mean, we shouldn’t be, but we were. What does this mean? This means:

  1. That even if Peter found a company willing to give him a job in the States, the government won’t let him come. People always complain about immigrants showing up illegally. Well, this is why. Because it’s *insert loud and angry explicative* IMPOSSIBLE to get.
  2. We have no choice but to go to Canada next year. I am not happy about this at all. I wanted some actual time to live near my family and not be control by my XC running scholarship. Unfortunately I have to take my scholarship (oh how I hate you, private college tuition), and now I’m going to have to move no later than August 07 up to Canada.
    1. My job market in Canada is very tiny. At least I’m an excellent Childcare provider. I have that going for me. Not to be arrogant (but to be honest), I should be able to land just about any Nanny or Au Pair job I want. Unfortunately, again, life seems to be against me. So just you watch, every job will require me to be fluent in French and Je suis seulement comme ci comme ça.

SO, if anyone knows of someone needing a fully time Nanny or Au Pair in the eastern Canadian region, TELL ME!



1. Chloe - November 11, 2006

Me too. I hate USCIS. I just sent off my forms to become a legal US resident, but it took us almost a year to even get “permission” to marry…and they helped themselves to thousands of my hubbys money!

2. Mom - November 12, 2006

I don’t like the hoops you have to jump through either. I hate that someone so important in your life can’t even make it here to meet the family (though he may be grateful for that). We’ll figure something out.

3. Chloe - November 13, 2006

Go Mom! Don’t you love it when they comfort you with the words “we’ll figure something out”? I mean, they always do don’t they?!!

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