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Make laundry while the sun shines November 10, 2006

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I believe I have mentioned before that New Zealand is an energy friendly company. Many Kiwis subscribe to Genesis or Meridian for their energy, which are two Green Energy companies. I have only seen two cars here that were the size of a regular sized Explorer here, all the others are much smaller. The government refuses to make the roads bigger for larger cars, but that’s okay because most Kiwis like it that way. They religiously recycle, and you have to buy your garbage bags from the city council, that’s the way their waste disposal is funded, I believe, and it keeps garbage down to a minimum. The electric sockets in the walls all have switches on them, by standard, so that when you are not using an appliance you can turn off the current to that particular socket. This keeps “phantom energy” from being used. Even their toilets have two buttons. One is a half flush button, and one is a full flush button. That way they save water.
So, it comes at no suprise really that when you see even the most expensive houses in New Zealand (which I’ve seen) that there is a washing line dutifully covered in clean washing. Why? Because, even the most well-off Kiwi refuses to use a dryer unless it’s an emergency, and that’s why the title of my post is “Make Laundry while the sun shines.” We don’t even own a dryer. So I spent all day friday doing so much laundry. The heart of New Zealand is not the driest place in the world, so when the sun comes out for a day everyone is scurrying to do their washings. I do Peter’s washing as well since he’s at work during the day, and the sun shines during the day not the night. So I had about a week 1/2 worth of laundry for two people to do, outside of the regular cleaning. Today is still sunny, so I get to wash the duvet cover and pillow cases!



1. Anonymous - November 10, 2006

you have to remember when i grew up we beat our clothes on rocks.now you pay extra to buy clothes like that.

Love you

2. cleanpig - November 11, 2006

I used to live in Italy and dryers were rare. I got used to stiff jeans and towels.

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