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Things about me November 9, 2006

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1. I was born in Kentucky
2. I am the oldest of 4. The next oldest is 7 years younger
3. The youngest is 13 years younger. He is also the only boy.
4. I firmly believe that on the 8th day, God made stationary and Wellbutrin
5. I am easily distracted by shiny objects
6. The Southern Baptist Convention and I have a score to settle
7. I am Anglican
8. I tend to vote conservatively on local elections but very liberally on national
9. I believe in single-sex schools and uniforms
10. I don’t believe in infants being in daycares
11. I am a pacifist
12. The Lion King is my explanation for why it’s okay to eat animals (we become the grass, the antelope eat the grass)
13. I refuse to support Walmart or Nike (but I have to wear Nike for XC running)
14. I have an extreme fear of gnomes/oompa loompas/dwarves/midgets
15. I believe in public health care, because I’ve seen it work.
16. I am against the government meddling in attempting to regulate market prices.
17. I am for the environment
18. I like to eat organic
19. Commercial cleaning products scare me.
20. My pet peeve is people refusing to take responsibility
21. I had to teach fellow hallmates how to wash their laundry when I got to college
22. It was then I found out that other people had their mothers pick up after them all the way through high school.
23. I am bossy.
24. I am learning to be quiet and to listen more.
25. I hate all Victorian literature because they use too much passive voice.
26. I have finished every book I’ve attempted to read
27. It took me two years to read Madam Bovary. I hated every bit of it.
28. I have watched the six hour version of Pride and Prejudice 4 times
29. I would marry Colin Firth
30. I have deleted 3 things off this list, because I’m afraid I would offend someone
31. I am a card carrying member of Greenpeace
32. I have two best friends.
33. I adore all things French. I was turned off from the French for a while, but I had to go back
34. When I finally have a home, it will be decorated French countryside. Without the roosters
35. My daughters will wear pinafores
36. If you offered me a dessert or cheese, I will choose the cheese
37. Unless it’s chocolate
38. I attend Milligan College
39. I don’t handle weather under 68 degrees
40. I don’t understand American Football
41. I can explain rugby to you in detail
42. I don’t understand or enjoy baseball
43. I do understand cricket (to a point)
44. I adore guinea pigs, angora rabbits, and beagles.
45. I haven’t cut my nails since I was little, because I tear them off.
46. I use to do competitive storytelling
47. I spent 3rd grade through 5th grade recess bouncing a ball and making up stories in my head
48. I can scream louder than anyone I have ever met.
49. I sing alto. In high school choir, only one boy could sing lower than me
50. I love bread. I swear to eat less of it every morning.



1. Anonymous - November 9, 2006

I like n0. 24. You can’t learn when you are talking.

Love you Papaw

2. Suz - November 10, 2006

Fellow supporter of single sex schools and uniforms. Stories about my all girls high school experience are unmatchable 🙂

3. cleanpig - November 10, 2006

I like your list! I really never got mad at the French. They let dogs go to restaurants, so I find it hard to hold things against them.

4. Anonymous - November 10, 2006

#2 is about me!!! and by reading this list i learned alot about u luv u Mary

5. Mayor of Crazytown - November 14, 2006

Totally with you on the 8th day creations!!

6. Mayor of Crazytown - November 14, 2006

Totally with you on the 8th day creations!!

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