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Question of the Week: What is your dream career? November 6, 2006

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This has always been one of the hardest questions for me because, like a little kid, I have hundreds of things I want to do. I am a problem-fixer, and whenever I see a problem I imagine a lifetime career I could have that would make that problem go away. Jobs that I currently want to hold are:

Preschool Teacher; Kindergarten Teacher; Children’s Minister; Religious Studies Professor; Bishop; Headmistress of an all-girls prep school; SAHM; Head of foreign policy; President of the World Bank; World Dictator.

I’m not exactly sure how many children grow up with the dream of being Absolute Ruler of the World. It wasn’t a passing idea either of “everyone gets free candy.” I had strict rules governing my world (still do). Basically, it’s my ultimate megalomaniac dream.



1. emma's pulse - November 6, 2006

My real career was nothing that I planned..so keep your dreams! I like your order of dream jobs…SAHM is way up at the top with the world leadership positions!

2. Amber Lee - November 6, 2006

Yeah, I think if I put them in order of most important on a global scale, all the ones dealing with children should have been up there.

3. Mel - November 7, 2006

These are all fabulous choices and are far more noble than what I had in mind…

I always wanted to be an acrobat in the Cirque du Soleil. At 5’10” and after 6 shoulder surgeries I doubt that’ll work out so it’s always good to have a ‘plan b’.

4. Chloe - November 7, 2006

I always wanted to do something in Art. Now I am opening an online notecard store and I volunteer at Hubby’s school in the Art Dept. So I think I did pretty good!

5. Pink Cupcakes - November 9, 2006

Oh i have lots too: at the moment I want to be first lady and then others are; wedding planner, primary teacher, secondary teacher – classic/history, politicain, hotel manager, open a cupcake store/cafe, stay-at-home-mum.

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