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New Games and Old Traditions November 4, 2006

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Today was overcast and windy, but the 60mph winds were coming from the north, so it wasn’t freezing. With the wind in our faces, Peter took me on an adventure today: I played my very first game of golf! We only played nine holes and I was WELL over par (first hole took me nine shots) but it was so much fun! Peter hasn’t played in about two years and thought his shot would be pretty poor. He was stronger than he thought and almost sconced a guy in the head at one point. After the game Peter and I went to Eastbourne for a village fair. We didn’t do much except walk around and look (I guess that’s what you do at a village fair) and buy homemade lollies.
Sunday evening is always church so I went to Ramsey House for dinner with my friend from church, as we always do and then proceeded to have bible study. Service starts at 7pm up at St. Michael’s and since it’s All Saint’s Sunday, the liturgy was focused on that. I love Sunday service so much. There is something wonderful about the corporate singing of the psalms and the responses to the priest. I am a traditionalist when it comes to what is in worship services. I miss that many of the churches I’ve visited do not have readings from the Old and New Testaments. Services in many of these “contemporary” churches I’ve visited are too Seeker Sensitive or whatever for me. I’m glad my home church and the church I attend here preach the gospel. 🙂
Tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll spend studying for my FINAL final exam of the term. How exciting is that? Very, I think.



1. Ryan - November 5, 2006

I never was much of a golfer. I just never got into the sport. Phil Williams of the Phil Show told me that I had to learn to play golf before he’d ever accept me as a good intern. I guess I’ll never make it in this world.

Nah, screw him.

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