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I studied for that? November 4, 2006

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Of my two final exams, my philosophy exam is complete. How did it go? Well I’m not sure. I didn’t have to bc through any of my essays, they are all very clear on my positions and how I intergrated the readings into them. They are also two pages long. They are also only two pages long because of the simplicity of the answers the questions. For example, I had to write an essay defending the use of animals in medical research Peter Singer (the writer I was refuting) said that each creature/sentient being is worth one moral “point” and to put our species above another species is speciesism. So, I wrote: If there was a fire and I could only save my sister Mary or six guinea pigs I would save my sister. Singer would admonish me for wasting six lives over saving one.

Yeah, so that’s how my afternoon on Friday went. That is 2 ½ hours and 7 ½ pages that I can never recover.

So I leave you with two notes

1) My phone is back up

2) Papaw, you keep asking me if I need anything/money. Well now if you feel really worried/generous there is a little button up in the corner here that says “Make a Donation.” If you click on it, it takes you to a page that looks like this: (click on it)

Put however much you want to send me in the “Price” box. Click over on the “continue” button in the “Don’t have a Pay Pal Account?” section. The rest is self explanitory. I thought you would prefere this. It’s also safer than sending money in the mail.


1. Anonymous - November 10, 2006

u used me in ur paper… yes i knew u would save me over katie!!! luv (of course) mary

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