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Book Tag October 28, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

My minister, Aaron Wymer, has tagged me to answer the following book related questions and I’m not allowed to use the Bible.

One book that changed your life:
Probably The Jungle. My junior year of high school was a lot of good American literature and that was probably the best. It was what started me on the path of being socially consious.

One book you’ve read more than once:
The Great Gatsby, my favourite book of all time. I really can’t tell you why I think it’s so great, except that I think the prose is exceptional.

One book you want on a desert island:I’ve never read it, but I suspect I would want something like Castaway Survivor’s Guide by Cory Storm. (That’s right, I cheated)

One book that made you laugh:
I don’t know if I’ve ever read a book that’s made me laugh. I’m trying to think and nothing is coming to mind. I might want to read some lighter literature.

One book that made you cry: I bawled like a little baby when I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is such a touching book.

One book you wish had been written:
Truth: High School Drama Doesn’t End After High School

One book you wish had never been written:
Any of that garbage by Dan Brown

One book you’re reading right now: My sociology and philosophy books

One book you’ve been meaning to read: Salt. It’s a book about the history of salt. The same person also wrote a book about the history of cod.

I don’t have five people to tag so I’ll just tag Mel and MM



1. Aaron - October 28, 2006

Good work, Amber! The Salt book sounds fascinating. After you read it, you need to give me your second hand copy . . . unless it loses its saltiness, of course.

2. Anonymous - October 29, 2006

unabridged edition of trout fishing in nz


3. Monogram Momma - October 31, 2006

Oh great, Thanks Amber! Never fear, its now on my “to-do” list so I promise I will get it done!

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