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What’s my niche? October 22, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

Melissa has fashion advice for the preppy; MM can lend creative geunius for pretty much any occasion; and my minister Aaron’s blog is perfect for the pastorally inclined. So what do I have to contribute to the blogging world? Everyone writes about their daily life, but they also have that little piece that sets them apart. I ended up not doing the daily quote because after I decided on it, the idea no longer appealed to me. I am a 21 year old univesity student who doesn’t do much. Example: tomorrow I am playing Risk all afternoon.
My one “thing” I can talk about with some idea of knowledge is children and the ministry of children. But who wants to hear what a 21 year old has to say about ministering to children? That is the sort of information people want out of 35 year olds. So I continue to ponder what I can write besides my daily life and thoughts.



1. Anonymous - October 22, 2006

write about trout fishing

LOVE you

2. Mom - October 22, 2006

Write about children’s ministry…color guard…responsibilities of a big sister…lame, trivial information nobody knows but finds interesting when they read it. Don’t think too hard on what to write about or then it is called work.

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