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Happy Labour Day Weekend October 21, 2006

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Here in God’s Own, it’s Labour Day weekend. It is also cold and wet, so Peter and I are not playing golf today like we planned. *Sigh*
Peter’s friend Shannon (male) has been in Oz for the past two 1/2 years, and he flew in for 14 days on Thursday. After his two week stint in the homeland, he heads to the States for two weeks and then he flies over to the UK for an undetermined amount of time for his OE.

OE stands for Overseas Experience. If your from Australia/NZ/Canada/UK/Scandinavia/the EU and other countries I can’t think of right now, your government encourages you to travel the world while you are between the ages of 18 -30. This is one of the frustrations Peter and I are dealing with. The US is very strict about how Peter can enter and work in the US. Likewise, other countries are quite strict about how I, as an American can enter their country and work. *SIGH*

So, Shannon. Peter, Ryan, and Eddy went to high school and uni with Shannon so it was a good old reunion. I had a previously planned rendezvous with Maya and met up with her, Bev, and Channing at Blends for drinks. After enjoying some really nice punch, we started to head back to my flat around 8:30 only to meet the boys on the way. Turn around we did, and headed to Murphy’s pub enjoying some wedges and company until midnight. Even though work was in the morning, instead of going home to sleep, we ended up at the Big Kumara (another pub) until 3am playing Fooz Ball and sitting around listening to music. You can guess how great Peter, Ryan, and Eddy felt the next morning when the got up for work (3 or 4 hours later).

Friday wasn’t too much, I spent the day cleaning the flat and then going out with everyone for pizza at Hell’s Pizza. I turned in early at midnight and today has been dreary and wet. My highlight was the gym. Tonight is Rugby finals, so their should be some socializing going on.



1. Anonymous - October 22, 2006

when it warms up a little go trout fishing in nz

Love you

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