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Suprises October 16, 2006

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Last week was my last week of classes for my semester. There is a gap between lectures and finals, so I have nothing to do until the beginning of November. This leaves me with too much free time to clean.
Saturday ended up being a nasty day with a Southerly coming in. Peter and walked around for the afternoon just a bit though, and then we had dinner at…DENNY’S! There are seven of them in New Zealand, and I have been craving some good french toast. So Peter took me to Denny’s. It made me miss Applebee’s, that magical place that feeds college students for 1/2 price after 10pm.
After we returned from Denny’s, I was greeted at the flat by a room full of people yelling “Suprise!” Peter had organized a suprise party for in in less than two weeks (wow)! The theme was U,S, or A, with people dressing up as things that started with those letters. I would post pictures, but our camera is broke, the photos are on Ryan’s computer, and I don’t know where they are on the flat network. Afterwards we went out on the town, and I headed home about 3am (haven’t done that in a while!) Peter was walking home about 3:30am and witnessed a break-in to a camera store. He called the cops and ended up being there for two hours. So he arrive home close to 6am! The poor thing was worn out all Sunday.
Now I’m finishing the last paper of the semester, writing about the Rwandan Genocide and the Church. Meanwhile, Peter is stressing over The Move next year. The problem is, Peter cannot get a job in the States without “knowing someone.” This is frustrating, because any Marketing department or company would be lucky to have him.



1. Mom - October 17, 2006

What a wonderful thing to do! So what were some of the costumes?

Don’t for get to send me a copy of your paper…it sounds interesting.

Wish we could use Peter for our marketing…I know he would get along well with Jonathan. Has he had a lot of experience marketing for an all women facility?

Love you! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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