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Where I take on the fashion scene October 9, 2006

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My boyfriend suprised me Sunday by taking me to the huge craft warehouse here in Wellington. I have been wanting a cute, slightly large shoulderbag, but I hadn’t found any that were *perfect.* I had decided to make my own, and so Sunday Peter suprised me by buying me my fabrics. I looked around for about 30 minutes until I found IT.

After I had my fabrics, Peter took me to practice more golf. I learned chipping.

It was fun

Back to the shoulderbag. Today I got to take my fabrics and made:

Tada, isn’t it cute?! I saw the toile fabric and new immediatly that my bag was going to be made from it. The inside is quilted green cotton. My friend Julie is a designer and therefor has a VERY nice machine that I was able to use (She’s also going to make my Junior/Senior Banquet dress). The only thing was that it was on clearance and so I had to buy a minimue of a metre. So I have plenty left, but I don’t know what to do with it. Make a matching cover for my wallet? What else could I do with my much extra fabric?

PS. I haven’t gotten either a manicure or pedicure yet. I’ll probably get one in a few weeks. I haven’t posted pictures of the haircut, because it’s nothing special, just a tidying of what I already have.



1. Mom - October 9, 2006

Okay…first make a cute little head band (tube the fabric and add elastic, then consider making a matching little change purse (envelope style).
So are you liking the golf thing? I am still trying to Katie to commit to trying out for the golf team at school. Once she commits I can hit your Aunt up for her clubs since she doesn’t play anymore.
Love you bunches!

2. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

Papaw said:
that is beautiful great job wow ect.ect.


3. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

umm extra fabric=lauren’s christmas gift!!!

4. Monogram Momma - October 11, 2006

looks great!

5. Mel - October 11, 2006

The toile is such a classic, timeless print and it looks just fabulous as a handbag.

I’m having the drapes in my new room made with red and yellow toile — great minds think alike!

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