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Theology, Philosophy, & A New Haircut October 6, 2006

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I finished my papers! Not only did my paper get turned in on time today, but it was an extra 300 words long – one whole extra page *happy*. That is my happy academic news, my not happy academic news is that I received a C on my philosophy paper. My tutor’s comments were that I posed a good argument but I talked about needless things (the history of the issue I was writing on) and that he didn’t like my sources. Oh well, if I’m going to pull just one C out of the rubbish bin this term, I’m happy. It’s better then the past two years, huh mamma? Really you should be happy, if I was at Texas A&M I would totally be taking their Tolkien launguage course as my foreign language.

I went and got my haircut today! I paid about $44 USD and I have to say that it was the best deal I’ve ever got. An excellent cut, WONDERFUL head massage, and silver service for my tea. I dare you to find a place to match it for price and service.

And now this girl is off to bed, because it’s gym in the morning.



1. Anonymous - October 6, 2006


2. Anonymous - October 16, 2006

lol…tolkein language class.. mary

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