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Crashing through courses October 4, 2006

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Today at 4pm I had a paper due for my Foundations of Sociology class.

Our first paper was 1500 words and we could choose to write on Marx, Weber, or Durkheim. Marx has be pounded into my head since the tender age of 17, so I wrote my first paper on him. I got an A. Score one for me since it’s almost impossible to get an A here. So I had a paper due for that same class today, and it could be on anything I wanted. I also ended up having a paper due this coming Friday. I am not to handy at trying to tackle two seperate paper topics at one time AND that paper that’s due on Friday – yeah the last grade I got for that class was a C. So, I needed to get my priorities straightened up pretty quick.

I decided that I would write on the same topic for both papers. Since the paper today was for Sosciology and the paper for this Friday is Religion, I figured I could safely find a topic that would work for both classes. I was correct and chose to write my paper on “The Secularization of Christianity: An Analysis of John Dominic Crossan‘s work “The Parables of Jesus”

Now, I pride myself on being meticulous with paper proticale. If I am nothing, I am obnoxious when it comes to paper writing. My friends can be assured that I will take their papers and slash them to bits, covering your offending passive verbs to your margins not being the correct indention. I can safely say that I can give you examples of Harvard, MLA, Chicago/Turbain, and APA citation in any situation on the spot. I don’t think this talent will help me anywhere but the academics, but I still have it.

I bring this all up to say that I had a minor crisis this afternoon with two of my friends. They freaked out when I told them that I was writing on the same topic for two of my papers. They informed me that if I did that, I was setting myself up for expulsion due to plagarizing myself. You know when you know something, but suddenly you think you may not know it? That’s what happened. I knew for a fact that my paper on Friday was going to be different then my paper on Wednesday and I also know the rules about citing yourself. They kept insisting that I was going to have to change my tactic and I got so worked up that I had to run to my tutor and explain to him my delimma. Sure enough, he told me that I was okay to do the same topic for two papers. That’s about 30 minutes of my life that I can’t get back.

Now, for something that’s not boring.
This might not be suprising after my confession of being a writer freak, but I love paper. I love journals, stationary, pens, and calling cards. Unfortunatly, I cannot bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on stationary. I will however spend a smaller amount of money if I think it’s worth the dough (Barnes & Nobles in Johnson City probably knows me by name). I bring you


I think this might be the cutest idea for stationary and calling cards ever. I think I might order myself some calling cards and some stationary to use with family and friends. I’m trying to avoid the fact that I’m going to need to give Crane & Co some business next semester when I start sending out those resumes.

Ecruwhite Triple Hairline Monarch / Executive Sheets if you’re wondering.

And the last thing:

I am getting my hair done next Wednesday. I decided that I’m going to get either a manicure or a pedicure as well. Which one should I get? (I can only get one)



1. Mommie - October 4, 2006

Definitely a peddie…mannies can be given and gotten with friends if need be but peddies are something you don’t want a friend to do or touch.
Now, send me your paper and expand my mind.
Also, little brother has 3 new guinea pigs (sorry but we couldn’t separate them).
Oh yeah…I HAVE A NEW VAN!!!!!
Love and kisses

2. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

I would vote for a pedicure if you have never had one.
Love, Mamaw Margaret

3. Mel - October 6, 2006

Wow, that paper business sounds seriously stressful — you need a pedicure to help you relax!

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