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The end of the term, sheep, and the use of parenthases October 2, 2006

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Most of my friends aren’t even 1/2 done with their semester, but I am under the knuckle writing away and preparing for final exams. I am more than excited for when those are over, I can tell you that! That’s why I haven’t posted since last Sunday. All of my time has been used staring at a computer trying to figure out how to write a paper on the Secularization of Christianity. I’m pressed enough for time that I am using the same paper for two classes (shh…)
While I am not lucky enough to have gone to Paris (I’ll live through your photos, Melissa) I did get to go to the old Morrison homestead this past weekend. Some random facts (actually just three):
there are about 6000 sheep (.015% of the sheep population of NZ) 1000 heads of cattle (steer only) and 5000 acres of land.
Peter’s mother’s father’s family owned the property and his uncle sold it to the government in 2004. It’s now used to train farming cadets, and a place to put wind turbines for alternative energy. The weekend was great, and I got to enjoy looking at a lot of sheep. See above random facts. Peter’s father works on the farm as a hobby, so we stayed with him in the farm hands’ quarters. I also finally rode a four-wheeler. I think 21 is pretty late in life for a girl from East Tennessee, but, you know. While on my tour of the farm, I saw a large amount of sheep that…hadn’t quite passed Darwin’s test. It really is surival of the fittest on a sheep farm and with 6000 sheep, you don’t have barns to put them. At one point, I thought I saw yet another dead sheep, but then I realized it was sort of moving. I called to Mark (Peter’s father) and he was soon yanking on the hindlegs of a sheep to pull it out of a fence. The sheep had stuck it’s head through to get some grass and wound up stuck. My pictures from the farm can be found here

Click on the picture

Afterwards, Peter took me to Mount Bruce, which is a wildlife refuge for birds. It was lovely to see, New Zealand has no native mammals except a bat. It’s know for it’s amazing birdlife, that is being destroyed unfortunatly. One of the niftiest birds to see was the Kaka. It’s one of the smartest parrots in the world and it has to be kept in a metal mesh aviary opposed to a simple chain linked fence. This is because a Kaka has a beak as sharp and strong as boltcutters. Putting your finger up to the aviary inclosur is not advised.


1. Mom - October 2, 2006

Glad to see your finally getting your hands dirty (LOL). Actually it looks like a great time and beautiful country.
How much longer are you in school? Isn’t it through around the middle of October?
Love you!

2. Mel - October 3, 2006

We’ll live vicariously through one another’s holiday photos since the closest I’ve been to NZ is watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

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