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Weekend Activities September 24, 2006

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This weekend had some fun activies. Friday evening Peter and I went to the World of Wearable Arts Award show and then spent Saturday morning with his mother who came down to watch the awards as well. We left Saturday afternoon to go up to Palmerston North to see Shapeshifters in concert which was great! So much dancing with my friend Maya. After a late late night of dancing and laughing, I got a good sleep in and then Sunday learned some new activies.
First I attempted Peter’s favourite sport of all time: Cricket

Peter playing cricket:

Me trying to play cricket

Maya tried too

Eventually I did start hitting the ball, but I’m pretty sure I’m a long way off from ever actually playing cricket on a social team. Also, for the first time ever I attempted a sport that almost all of my friends played growing up:


I have never even been out on a driving range until today, and here I am attempting to learn the points of how to hit a golf ball. It was interesting and we won’t even go into me trying to use an iron, but I can use a wood! We have a video of me hitting the ball, but I can’t get it to not be sideways. Anyone else do anything interesting?


1. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

Well we had our first competition and we came in second cough cough out of two cough cough, but if you look at it this way we still got a trophy. i had a blast! it was so much fun! love u -mary-

2. Mom - September 26, 2006

Mary has already told you about her weekend and the 1st band competition…though not about the fact it was storming and they held the competition in the gym.
Brother’s team had homecoming and slammed the Eagles 20 to 7. So we had a pretty exciting weekend too.
Have a good week. Love you!

3. Anonymous - September 26, 2006

my comment
I love you very much.

4. Anonymous - October 4, 2006

i thought you were left handed. I have a set of clubs you can use if you change your swing.

Love Papaw

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