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I love pretty things (that don’t abuse human rights) September 21, 2006

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I consider myself a pretty smart shopper. I like to keep things on the low end of the price side, but also try to discern where the quality/price line is on a product. What I haven’t been doing is focusing on how my shopping impacts other people. I am pretty aware of it when I shop for groceries. I try to keep to items that I know are from New Zealand or companies that are attempting to help, so I buy fair trade coffee, chocolate, and the sort. This means that I am often buying a lot of organic veggies and fruit and spending more then the average shopper on my nourishment.
Up until recently though, this was never a though process with other items, and I don’t know why. I’ve always railed against wal-mart and their horrible ethics in just about everything. They rank pretty low on just about everything, but I’ve never stopped shopping there. Since being in New Zealand, I’ve been given more opportunities to buy clothing that is New Zealand made or another country that I know doesn’t practice bad labour conditions. That makes me happy. Yes the things that I get now are more expensive then what I use to get, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I would rather buy my toiletries at The Body Shop or CommonSense (the organic grocery store here) then at the Supermarket because I know that the companies are responsible. I know that some people will think I am buying something a bit more expensive because I think I am “too good” for Wal-mart, and you know what? I am! I am too good to stoop down and harm other people.
Thankfully, I don’t need anymore clothes for a while, because I don’t know too many places in my area that I can buy clothes that aren’t made in China or Bangladesh. If I do need something, I’ll have to order it from L.L Bean. I spent an hour searching the Internet for any dirt on them, in fear that I would have to give them up. Thankfully, I could only find one article that said they are exploiting people in Jordan and it seems pretty weak after reading some other stuff on them. An excellent group to look at if you want to support socially responsible companies is Calvert Investments.

What are other companies that would be good to support?



1. Anonymous - September 22, 2006

you r so weird! i like walmart thank you and i am sticking 2 my shopping habits. 😛 so there… well i will update you on our first competition tomorrow. im super excited!! i dont think we’ll win but im still excited love ya sis mary

2. Anonymous - September 23, 2006

I think that is awesome Amber. You truly are an amazingly intelligent and wonderful woman and I value and respect you. Love-Lurr

3. Anonymous - October 3, 2006

C.C.Filson of or. top of the line lots of wool items.


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