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The not so distant future September 20, 2006

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*I was fiddling around trying to get the comments working and my pretty pink page went out the window. Sorry. But this one’s cute! Now, unless something musses up again, this should be it with changing. And commenting should work for everyone now.

Judging from entries of journals and conversations with some of my classmates, I am way behind on planning my spring break. I have never been one to do the traditional beach trip to Floridia and why should this year be any different? So I have a plan, listen up Lurr. Spring break is March 5 – 9th and we all know that means spring break actually begins on March 2nd, March 1st if you can leave in the evening. So we hop into the car and drive our way down to West Palm Beach to enjoy company, sun, and polo! Yes, that’s right I think we should go down and watch polo!

This kind of polo

Not this kind of polo

More updates on Spring Break: Polo 2007 later; if anyone knows of a low key place in West Palm Beach, please tell me.



1. Mel - September 21, 2006

Palm Beach and W. Palm Beach are great fun — the best local polo is out at Wellington (www.palmbeachpolo.com).

2. Monogram Momma - September 21, 2006

Thanks for a GREAT laugh this morning at the 2nd photo. HA!

3. Anonymous - September 21, 2006

ah polo!! i think joanne”s fam has a place in the beach we might be able to get cheapo or for free…and slurpees!!!!!!!!!!

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