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Summer shopping September 16, 2006

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I felt the need to clean up this entry. I do get picky about how entries look, and I did not like the last look of this entry.

Blue Shirtdress Green Polo, Kakis 3/4

Pink polo Pink dress

Besides the stated, the white headband is also new, as are the shoes. I am decked out for the upcoming summer season! I have decided to forgo buying white pants because I’m pretty sure they would not flatter me. Also, since I’ll be returning to the states December 18th, that’s a short time to get to wear them before I put them away until next May. Now, I know some designers are saying it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day, but I can’t do it. I might wear a white sweater but that is the end of the case. I am too conservative and old fashioned in my clothing to wear white pants, skirts, shoes or other such items during the winter. I bet these are the same designers that also are putting brown and black together. I just can’t do it. My simple rules that I never break are

No white after Labor Day unti May (Easter is the exception)
And even in season, there shall be no white denim. I’m more of a twill and/or linen girl.

Brown and Black; Navy and Black are never ever to be together

On a unfashion related note, please excuse the mess behind me in the photos. I was in the middle of cleaning when I decided to take the pictures.



1. Mommy - September 17, 2006

Sadly you now look more like your mother than ever before. Love the pictures.

2. GINUSHKA! - September 17, 2006

You look fabulous!! Totally loving the pink dress :0).

PS, could you send me a gmail invite sometime? I’m sick of NU mail and you’re the only person I know who has gmail. I’d be eternally greatful! *makes puppy eyes*

3. Anonymous - September 17, 2006

you, my dear, are truly stunning!!!

4. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

sorry but you do look like your mother when she was your age. Long long ago.


5. Anonymous - September 18, 2006

you have always been beauriful to me.The clothes look great also

love ye

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