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Sharing is sometimes bad September 11, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

First things are first – I am going to discipline myself and let this format be my reigning format for the blog. I mess around with it so much, and occasionally (like the last one) it become crazy political. So enjoy my incredibly girly layout.

I found Ryan at his computer this evening wearing his glasses; this is clue one that something is wrong, ryan never wears his glasses. It turns out that Ryan never went to work today because he is sick with the same thing that I have. Fortunatly, he was smart enough to get antibiotics right away and should be fine soon.
I also finished a paper today! I only have two more due this week, and no, I have not read for either one of them. Actually, I don’t even know what the topic of my Philosophy paper is suppose to be. I’ll churn them out in time; attending a large university this semester has removed my privalege of knowing my professors by name and being able to extend when I have something like 3 papers due in one week.
I have some very nice items that have been recently purchesed. When I have more time I will post them.



1. mum - September 11, 2006

I hate you are sick. I am glad you could afford medical care. AndI really like your choice for blog background.

I love you!

2. Anonymous - September 11, 2006

cviyxbyggrdwkHi baby i’m sorry you are sick.hope you are going to do what the doctor says and get some rest.

ilove you

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