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Northern Holiday August 30, 2006

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Last week, I got to spend the week seeing the North Island of New Zealand. The scenery was beautiful. I got to see geothermic activity in Taupo and Rotarua; went to a Winery in Hawkes Bay; and just generally enjoyed myself.

This should be pictures of Peter and I on our vacation

If they aren’t, complain to mother. It’s her photo website.

I mentioned that I had a picture that would make Mary jealous, so here it is:

When they made LotR: Return of the King, there is a scene where Aragon gets off a corsair ship with all the ghost warriors. There are a lot of cosair ships in the scene, but when making the scene there was only one real one. All the others was the same ship, shot and then put in the scene.
This, my friends, is that ship. The ship was built 1:12 of what the actual size would be. It’s perfect down to detail. Sorry I couldn’t get a a better shot, but still, pretty cool. This is in the entrance of Te Papa, the national museme. You are not suppose to take a picture of it or touch it. I did both.




1. Anonymous - August 31, 2006

I love your pictures! You are so beautiful!

2. Anonymous - August 31, 2006

that last comment was fro mme! lauren

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