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I guess I should update August 20, 2006

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The past 20 days that I haven’t posted have been me going to class and generally enjoying myself. I got my first exam back, it was my Philosophy exam. I mad a 62.
That is a B here. 40% is failure. I think this may be the semester that boosts the grades, my friends. We’ll see how Will marks my paper that I just turned in for RELI 221. At the moment I am on mid-term break. I have two weeks of holiday, and then I go back for 6 weeks, then I’m done. Friday evening was drinks at Janie’s, and since I’m missing her birthday this week, I baked her a cake from scratch. How about them apples?!
Peter has taken a week off to show me around the North Island. Yesterday, Peter, Chelsea (his cousin who is my age), and I drove up to Chelsea’s family abode, stopping at Nan’s house for lunch in Taupo. Now we’re up here until Tuesday and we’ll go back to Taupo. We’re bunking there for a few days while Peter shows me some of the sites. Then we are going to Auckland for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. We don’t know what we are doing Sunday.
This is all going to say that I will not be around this week. When I get home, I’ll be posting photos, one in particular that will make Mary green with envy 😉

I’m being called to go have a drink. (Seriously, if you’re not drinking a coffee here, you’re drinking a sauvignon blanc) so love to you all 🙂



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