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Weekend scare July 30, 2006

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While I was at the beach this weekend with my friends…

So nothing too exciting is happening, everyone is just relaxing and chilling out, having a good time. My feet are kinda gross and I go in to wash my feet off. While doing that I hear a yelp and go outside. What had happend was Peter had returned and sat down the fishing pole for about 10 seconds while he propped up his body board. Meg, Jamie and Sam’s dog had ran outside and latched onto the squid that was on the end of Pete’s line. The hook went into the side of Meg’s mouth and buried up past the barb on the hook. We spend the next 30 minutes in animal emergency. We tried everying to remove it without much pain. In the end, Sarah and Jamie were holding her body, and Sam said he was going to pry her mouth open, and someone was going to have to push the hook the rest of the way throug the side of her mouth so it could come out that way. He pryed her mouth open, and I immediatly put my hand in and started going to work. I had to completely ignore her teeth trying to close on my hand, and her intense yelps of pain. I had to push as hard as I could to get the barb to pass through her skin and finally it ripped. I was so shaken from the whole thing that someone else had to slide the hook out because I was too shaky to remove the rest of it.



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