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RELI 221 Tutorial #1: Does Belief in God Do More Harm or Good? July 27, 2006

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Not one has escaped from hearing the quote, “religion is the opiate of the masses” penned by Karl Marx. Marx thought of religion not as a direct cause of peoples suffering, this must be pointed out. Marx saw religion as the comfort of the people from an ailment that could be cured, not just numbed away. When the disease of the state is removed, no one will have need for the medication of religion; humankind will be happy and free from the oppression of the State and Church, which is just a part of the bourgeoisie problem after all.
Since Constantine saw the vision on the bridge, religion has been hand in glove with the State. In the name of God and with the blessing of the state, there have been pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, and a children’s crusade. A belief and following of a God who allows and blesses such behaviour is definitely unhealthy and blinding to people. However, a belief in a different God, a God with a different set of values is not harmful. Belief in a God who expects the poor to be taken care of an not exploited does more good than harm. Belief in a Creator who expects the earth to be treated with kindness and thoughtfulness is not going to be harmful to people. If one submits to a God who expects kindness, love, compassion what harm comes from that? The argument can be raised that number one is not being looked out for, but in a world where the other person is as important as oneself, then everyone is supported.
The harm comes not from believing in God, the harm comes from what type of god one believes in.



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