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Blanket Man July 16, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

This is a painting and a photo of Blanket Man. I think he is fasinating and I am hoping to do my Sociology paper on him. There are virtully no homeless people in New Zealand and some like Blanket Man choose to live on the streets. There are so few, that people know their names, or nick names. There are only about 12 people in the greater Wellington area that are visable homeless people.



1. Mum - July 17, 2006

Very interesting. What is the cost of living? What is there employment rate? What about the mentally ill…how are they cared for and do you see a lot of mental illness (like you see in the states) or hear a lot about it?

Enjoy your classes and call your papaw so he can know how you want funds to reach you.

Love you bunches!

2. Anonymous - July 17, 2006

coolio thats very neat. ummmm… nothing happening much here just we have 2 weeks to put together a human video and I’m helping with the worship music for the Kid’s crusade. Love you lots Mary

3. ColinM - July 20, 2006

It astounds me that there are few homeless in any city. I would love to hear how he responds to the gospel.

4. Anonymous - August 5, 2006

I want some updates on your life…I will call soon but more on here too!! Love, Laur

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