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That looks nothing like a snake! July 9, 2006

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This weekend was rather tiring, but in a good way. Saturday, Peter and I spent the day looking after his 3 year old nephew, Kalani (cool name!) He might be the most friendly 3 year old I’ve ever met and super smart.
After giving Kalani back to Alton, we had a fun filled evening watching the All Blacks (who won! Take that you uppity Aussies!) and then we decided that Pictionary would be an ideal game to play for the night. We broke up into teams of two: Janie and Woody, Rob and Emma, Emma’s random 15 year old cousins, and Pete and me. The night was spent mocking each other’s artistic abilities and yelling “That looks nothing like ‘insert drawing!'”

Rob and Emma laughing at some random pictionary thing.
The best part of the Pictionary game was this drawing scenario. You should get it mom.
I drew the following picture. Notice it’s a person slouching.

Pete: Woody?
Woody: Sloth?
Pete: Lazy?
Me: Yes!!



1. mum - July 10, 2006

Oh my gosh! I thought it was a picture of you when you say you are going to clean the house…LOL

Love you

2. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

Who put the knot on the stick persons heag?

Love you

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