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June 24, 2006

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Tomorrow is my last day upstairs teaching the kids. Next week I’ll be presiding over communion and then in two weeks I’ll be preaching. This week has been full of planning work related curriculum and events.

Last night was fun and relaxing: a birthday celebration. We had a room at a chic Indian restaurant to ourselves (I’ll post pictures in the next installment)

Some questions I’ve been asked (sometimes several times) by people here:

Why do you have one cent pieces?
Do people in your country actually think that Bush is a good person?
Why don’t you have public healthcare like most Western countries?
Why are food portions so big in the states?



1. Mum - June 24, 2006

Can’t wait to see the pictures. Sounds like the next little bit of time is going to be busy, busy, busy. Again, I am so proud of you.

1. Because the government wants to squeeze every cent out of you.
2. Yes he is a good person…that does not mean he is good at everything.
3. Because then my job would be too easy.
4. I am sure there is a federal grant out there somewhere to research this question.

Love you bunches!

2. Dani - June 27, 2006

i love you. . . answers:
1. we can’t count by fives, tens or even twos
2. your mum’s right
3. i’ve got no idea
4. the same reason we have smaller families, bigger houses and more storage facilities

miss you

3. Anonymous - July 2, 2006

1 to make change.
2 Yes very much.
3 we don’t like to pay 40 to 70% of our wadges in taxes.
4 our dogs love doggie bags


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