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CTC June 4, 2006

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The conferences I’ve ever attending in the States involved a lot of sitting and listening to lectures/messages/sermons. Oh sure there was the praise and worship time, but then there was a lot of sitting. Saturday and Sunday I was given the opportunity to experience a whole different style of conference. Graffiti art that someone submitted. The artwork is about 3 meters high. Teenagers submitted under the categories of: black and white photo, colour photo, 3D art, 2D art, posters, and graffiti art.

Random guitarist.

Chick guitarist in chick band

Guy guitarist in…Guy band (?)

Samoans represent! (rapping) The music I am being exposed to as the primary music the teenagers listen to in New Zealand is hard rock and hip-hop. There were rappers, r&b voices, instrument, and bands.

A Pacific Islander/Maori parody of the Garden of Eden. Adam is the guy on the left and the Serpent is the blonde chick in the pink shirt. She is also wearing a tiara.

This guy is talking to a guy beside him telling the story of the crucifixion in a humourous way,Pacific Islander style.

These guys are in the middle of a haka, which is a Maori war chant/dance (done ONLY by men). They are integral in the culture of the Maori people. I suggest going to Google video and watching one. These boys did one in respect to a boy they knew who committed died last year. Besides seeing this, I saw AMAZING dancing. The dance groups were outstanding, very hip-hop. One of the things they would not go over well in the States is what some of the outfits where. The standard clothing for the dancers were track/sweat sets, and tee-shirts underneath. The track hoodie usually had to come off about 1/2 through for more complicated moves. Most of the girls had those white undershirt type shirts on. I can just see there being clothing rules for a competition like this in the states. Here…They don’t care

Is she not one of the most beautiful toddlers you’ve ever seen? She’ll be two this month. I went over to play with her and let her look at my camera. I noticed her because she was scooting across the floor watching her daddy in the breakdance competition. I soon realized that she was only scooting across the floor and she kept her legs in the position you see here in the picture. When she got to far from her mother, she simply pulled her back. The little girl never resisted. So at first I thought she couldn’t walk because her legs didn’t work, but she wouldn’t be able to use her leg muscles to scoot. Then I saw her clap with her feet. Look at her hands. It’s not that she can’t use her legs, she can’t use her arms. I am guess she can’t walk because she does her the use of her arms to pull herself up, or push up off the ground. She was so cute and was happy to pose for a picture. Her toes are very dexterous; she was able to manipulate the buttons on the camera with her big toe. I hope she grows up happy.

The music, pictures, and stories aren’t necessarily “Christian”; the kids don’t necessarily look like the teenagers you want your teenagers to hang out with, but man, Jesus was there.

Here are two of my girls!! On your left is Eskimo (or Haley) I’m not exactly sure what she’s doing, perhaps practicing her intimidating Eskimo war claw. Stacey is on the right. This photo I think captures her perfectly: caffeine, excellent clothes and hair, punk rock accessories, and her ever present cell phone 🙂 Actually, that’s most girls at the conference.

and speaking of being punked out to the 9s and 6s…



1. Mom - June 5, 2006

Love the information on the coference. You are right about the clothing restriction. I would love it if others understood the outside doesn’t make the inside…well not most of the time. Sounds like the conference was a blast and the girls look quite similar in dress to how your sisters dress.

The picture you posted of the little girl brought me to tears. She is very beautiful and like you I did not notice the arm deformity. I think that is because of the happiness in her face.

Love you much!

2. Anonymous - June 5, 2006

love that outfit girl!!! very cute! wats wrong w/ how they dress 2 not let peeps hang out w/ them? i hang out w/ peeps that look ALOT more…well u get the picture doll. still sounds like ur havin fun! the states r still…the states…boring, nothing new…much love Mary (ur better than u sissy…just kiddin)

3. GINUSHKA! - June 6, 2006

Looks like you had a great time. Don’t you just lurve religious conventions, especially youth ones? The sheer energy is amazing…whether it’s a Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or whatever gathering.

That child’s beyond adorable btw.

Keep having fun!!

4. GINUSHKA!! - June 13, 2006

BTW, your favorite (and I use the term loosely, of course) Dookie just got busted…


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