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I miss the really tall table and sitting on stools June 1, 2006

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I’ve never been one for homesickness. The only time I’ve been homesick since before the teenage years was when I went to London and I was having an awful time. Besides that, I’ve felt comfortable leaving to set out on new adventures and meet new people. When I worked in Wisconsin, I had a hard time comforting the girls that would cry because they missed home so much.
Yesterday I got to talk to Dani, Cass, Dana, and Jeff (well for about two minutes to Jeff) and it was the first time since I left Johnson City. I could just never get ahold of them. Apparently, I had caught them just as they walked through the door visiting Ethan and Betsy. As soon as Jeff answered the phone, I realized how much I have been missing suppers at the table, naps on the couch, watching movies really really late with Danielle and realizing that I haven’t spent enough time jump on the tramp with Cassidy.

So here’s just to say…can’t wait to see y’all again!!



1. Katherine Smith - June 1, 2006

hey amber…its katherine…i got a blog..its called katie’s blog of awesomeness lol
well i gtg
muchos luv!

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