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Lazy May 28, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

Honestly, when I think about spending time getting on a computer, I just go tired. Right now Pirates of the Carribbian is on the TV in the lounge and I’m hoping to hurry up so I can sit in there and drink L&P.
I finally saw sheep today! Yay! There were fields and fields of them on the way back from Palmerston North.
I’ve done two Sundays now with the children and they seem to like what I’ve brought them (though today I forgot communion. Good job Amber!)

This is Malachi. He might be the happiest baby I’ve ever met, even happier than Bryant Magness (yes I know Dani, that’s one happy baby!!) He was born anemic, because his mother, Stephanie, had a hole in her placenta while pregnant with him.

M0lly is Nick’s daughter. She’s 2, I think. She’s pretty shy, but she’s starting to warm up to me.

Jessica is great to hang around with, she’s Paul’s 14 year old daughter. Her and Joseph (her 17 year old brother) are the ones that went shopping with me last weekend. I didn’t get to put the pictures up earlier this week, but here are pictures from last Sunday when we are making pancakes for lunch.



1. Anonymous - May 28, 2006

still waiting on your number…lar

2. Anonymous - May 30, 2006

u do kno there are sheep here rite??? y u have 2 fly half way around the world 2 see sheep is beyound me! sounds like ur still havin a blast and i hope it stays that way! much love, ur ever lovely sister mary

3. Dani - June 1, 2006

um. . .wow. . . you were right to tell me to check out the pictures

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