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And then I found $5 dollars (but no one in NZ knows what that means) May 20, 2006

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• adjective 1 of or according to the teaching of the gospel or Christianity. 2 relating to a tradition within Protestant Christianity emphasizing Biblical authority and personal conversion. 3 fervent in advocating something.
• noun a member of the evangelical tradition in the Christian Church.

• adjective 1 relating to or denoting a person who has converted to a personal faith in Christ. 2 showing the great enthusiasm of a person newly converted to a cause: born-again environmentalists.

It’s been quite a few years since I have openly joined in worship with people who use these phrases in a positive light. I think it’s fair to say that I grew to have an absolute hatred for the Southern Baptists and everything for which they stood. So here I am working in a church that is steeped firmly in a evangelical tradition, who freely use the phrase “born-again” with great zeal. What will I learn?

Today I went to Fernlea Primary for Religious Education. I learn Room 12 taught the song I taugh them to the whole school during Friday Assembly. Some of you know the song.

On a day like this
On a day like this
On a day like this
Oh Lord, help me.

So that’s make me feel pretty good.

This past weekend I spent Saturday shopping with Chelsea (and got a lovely marino top and thick double layered cotton skirt to keep me warm) and then Sunday I hung out with Jessica and Joseph after church down at their mall. They were afraid that their mall would be all tiny compared to what I’m use to. It’s lovely. I’m going to have heaps of fun with Jess and Joe many weekends.

Sunday morning seemed to go real well. The children appeared to have a lot of fun and learned a bit as well. The art project we’re going to work on for the next 6 weeks is a Garden of Eden, which will tie in with the other things I’ll teach them.

It’s time for tea, so it’s time to head home 😀



1. Mum - May 22, 2006

Sometime we have to return to our roots to find the direction in which we are traveling. Remember to enjoy each and every day and keep your mind open to new experiences (even if it’s experiencing ways of your past).

And by the way…your family may be the only ones understanding of the $5.

Love you much!

2. Anonymous - May 22, 2006

MY KEY QUOTE FOR YOU FROM FRESHMAN YEAR IS ON HERE! YIPPEE! I am glad you are enjoying yourself…teaching ends this week and then I have a handful of interviews for schools in Winston-Salem that called this week. It will be fun…I love you. Lurr

3. Anonymous - May 23, 2006

hey girl!!! sounds like ur havin a blast the way mom talks and from what ive read…not much been goin on here…’cept we have 1 1/2 days of school left then we get out for summer…ummm….i’m tryin out for a skit on sunday…and…yea…much love, ur ever lovely sissy mary 🙂
p.s. i still dont get the “then i found $5 dollars” joke

4. Anonymous - May 23, 2006

did you call me last night? i was soooooooooooo dead asleep that i have little recollection of it…haha. i have been worn out from packing, the last week of school, and allergies!!!! i love you and want to talk to you soon so give me a number!!! 1.5 days left with the kiddies! i give my first finals tomorrow…ahhhhhhh .lmg (miss g to my kids!)

5. Dani - May 25, 2006

so, i love you!!!!!!!!! i hope your having a humongously beautifully amazing time! you’d better be if i’m having to go on without you!!! still love you

6. Anonymous - May 31, 2006

so funny story! the other day i went to a baseball game, went to a track meet, and then i found five dollars. but i seriously found five dollars! i thought of you haha. i hope you’re having a fantaaaaabulous time in nz! make sure to keep in touch 🙂 love ya babe! ~kimmy

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