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Weekend Recap May 15, 2006

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Well the Belworthy’s computer is down, and Pete took the comp away from me the other day to do some work, but he’s not back from work yet, and I’m at the flat to go see the indoor soccer game tonight – so I have computer time!

Saturday Night – the flat warming party was a huge success, I have no idea how many people came, but the flat was fairly warm and there is no heating. The theme of the party was uniform.

Up in the left corner is Tim in monk gear (a flatmate) and Matt in lifeguard uniform. Up right is Woody (a flatmate) as a fireman. To your left is Pete as a California Patrol Officer, and Janie (Woody’s girlfriend) as a nurse. The pictures are taking forever to upload, so that’s the end of that.

Sunday I got to meet the church and the kids. They gave me a lovely Kiwiana giftbasket, a cake, and all the kids gave me little cards about themselves and a picture. The sermon Paul preached was out of Acts 22, on being daring. The worship service is interesting, because it’s like a classroom in the sense that congregants and Paul talk back and forth a bit during the sermon. They are very welcoming

So now it’s Monday and I went and hung out at the Primary school. Here in NZ, you have Religion class and I will be teaching at Fernlea Primary on Monday afternoons. I taugh the kids a little song which they loved and just introduced myself. Then Mark and I talked about Sunday morning, got to hang out a bit with Nadia (Mark’s daughter) and now I’m back over at the guys’ flat for tea, and then to go watch the indoor soccer game!

If you are leaving anono posts, put your name somewhere, so I know who’s talking to me.




1. Mum - May 15, 2006

I am glad everything is going well. HOw was the soccer game? Love you bunches…and it was great hearing your voice when I got home from work. It made Mother’s Day perfect. xoxoxoxo

2. Anonymous - May 15, 2006

ooooops the anon post from the other day was me! I am sorry and i forgot…let me know about the mobile! lurr

3. Megan Lease - May 15, 2006

From the pictures it looks like you fit in perfectly over there. I hope you have loads of fun and I look forward to hearing some crazy stories, which I know you will have. Peace, Megan

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