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Boo Southernlies, boo. May 12, 2006

Posted by amberpeace in Uncategorized.

I’ve been told that the past few days have been unusually cold because of the Southernly (read: wind and rain coming in from Antartica) front that’s been. Now (at 10am) the sun has came out and the sky is gorgeous blue. I am well ready for the weather though, my bed has no less than 7 blankets on it. I slept quite comfortably last night.
Last night is also when I arrived at Nikkie and Keith’s. Their house is happily situated to have a view of all of Wainui. Mark came by after tea (which was pickled pork, mother) and we just had a nice general conversation about me being here.
And I have a mobile!!! Yay!! 1000 txt for 10 NZD. Boo-ya.
Paul (the senior minister) will be here shortly.

Sheep Count: 14



1. Anonymous - May 12, 2006

Hey-already teaching us new words-cool! I looked forward to coming home after work to see if you had written something today. Love, Aunt Candice

2. Mom - May 12, 2006

Okay I understood the 1000 txt for 10 NZD however is that world wide or just local? I’m glad everything is going well. Now when you post does it post NZ time or EST (US)time? WOW! 14 sheep…I think we have that many just down the road.(oops! no those are goats!)I love you bunches and bunches xoxoxoxox

3. Anonymous - May 13, 2006

YOU HAVE A MOB-ILE (saying it in that English accent…) YAY-I need the number. Things are well here…only a week and a half left. I have had a few more interviews and am still waiting to hear. Lots of places wait forever…boooooo! I’m starting to pack this weekend. I hope you are well. Have you seen the boy yet?

4. Mary - May 13, 2006

I love u amber and it sounds like ur havin fun!!!

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